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April 15th, 2017 by joel

Submitted without comment (except to ask how I enter this kid in that TV dance show. BOOM!)

April 12th, 2017 by joel

Since January 1, Tahoe has received nearly 500″ of snow (that’s nearly 42 FEET) and many mountains are still sporting a base of nearly 200″, so it seemed like a good use of Spring Break time to grab some friends and head up for some April skiing. Avi and Ezra both hit the slopes for three days of solid skiing—two with dad and one with mom—while Ayla had some fun in the snow herself.

Check out all of the fun in a new album in the photo gallery!

Spring Break, woooooo!

(and yes, by the way, Governor Jerry Brown has declared an end to the drought)

April 9th, 2017 by joel

We still have an actual library in Lafayette, believe it or not, and so Avi and Ezra got library cards last week. It’s the same as when mom and dad got their own library cards two hundred years ago, except now you can reserve the books online in advance (and, if they’re checked out, you can see when they are due back). Pretty cool!

Ayla is still working on signing her name so she can get one, too. In the meantime, she reads with Ezra.


Can I check all of these out, please?

March 12th, 2017 by joel

It turns out that, in our tiny little enclave in Northern California, the sporting stars align during an otherwise peaceful March weekend. It is not March Madness, mind you, but Lafayette madness, during which the flag football season ends, and both baseball and lacrosse begin. The result? Seven sporting events over two days for two boys, and hundreds of miles (at least it felt that way) on the family car.

But, everyone seemed to have fun and slept very well afterwards. Some pictures now posted to the Photo Gallery.

Event six of seven…

February 16th, 2017 by joel

Our boys must be prescient because months ago they told us that they wanted to have a football party. So, on the heels of ANOTHER NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS SUPERBOWL VICTORY, Avi and Ezra hosted a touch football party. We were excited but unfortunately, Tom Brady, Rob Gronkowski, and Dont’a Hightower all changed their initial invitation Acceptances to Declines. Something about No Days Off…

Nevertheless, we hosted two intense games, each of which had a few not-well-enforced rules and very little defense. Everyone had a blast and there were no season-ending injuries. True to form, Holly’s party execution sprinkled the theme throughout, with “pin the football in the uprights”, “super bowl ring” candies, autographed footballs, and yellow “penalty flag” napkins.

Of course, their ACTUAL birthdays were also the stuff young dreams are made of: donuts for breakfast, balloons, a surprise on their elementary school sign, and dinner of their choosing (pistachios and pizza, of course!). Who knew that getting old would be so much fun?!?

Pictures and videos are now in the Photo Gallery!

Gronk spike!

November 20th, 2016 by joel

Well, GFW loves Halloween and for 2016, we did it right: two costume parties, a pumpkin patch, and a night of trick-or-treating with our pals. The kids each picked their own costumes and while Ayla’s was adorable, Ezra and Avi sported incredible hand-crafted treasures. Holly constructed Ezra’s Blue Jay costume while “Uncle” John Osgood, a professional artist (check out, constructed Avi’s Baseball Card costume (modeled after the 2016 Mookie Betts topps card).

The wonders of the 2016 GFW Halloween are posted in our Photo Gallery.



October 25th, 2016 by joel

There was a whole lot of cute happening here back in August when Uncle Dave and Aunt Dara brought Ian and Jared to Lafayette to hang out with Avi, Ezra, and Ayla. The kids made movies, we visited Fisherman’s Wharf, we played in the park, and we rocked all night long. We’ve finally combed through the pictures and videos and posted a new album for you to enjoy in the photo gallery.

We showed the east coasters where we used to send the bad guys when the superheroes caught them.

We showed the east coasters where we used to send the bad guys when the superheroes caught them.

September 5th, 2016 by joel

Well, not quite college (though surely that day will be here before we know it!), but our little Doogie Howser (aka Ezra) headed off to his first day of Kindergarten, joining his big brother Avi (who was beginning second grade) at Lafayette Elementary School (go Leopards!)

Everyone’s having a blast in their new classroom, though home is feeling a little empty—but we’ll get used to it. We’ve captured the moment(s) in a new album now in the Photo Gallery.

Bring on the books!

Bring on the books!

August 12th, 2016 by joel

Ezra spent this past week in drama camp, which culminated in his first major production at the end of the week: Peter Pan. We may be a little biased but we believe that Ezra stole the show in his role as one of the Lost Boys. For YOUR benefit, we dabbled on what might be the wrong side of the law and surreptitiously recorded one pivotal two minute scene in which you can see Ezra carrying the show. The video has been posted to the photo gallery.

Ezra also played a "shadow" in one scene... His range is impressive for such a young actor.

Ezra also played a “shadow” in one scene… His range is impressive for such a young actor.

July 24th, 2016 by joel

Hi ma!