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With Relatives Like These…

January 30th, 2009 by joel

After about 12 hours of labor, Holly decided it was time to get an epidural. Ever the staunch supporters, Joel, Debbie, and Lindsey lined up in front of Holly to (literally) support her while the anesthesiologist began the 10 minute process to set up the epidural. The Dr. pulled out the largest needle I had ever seen. After numbing the area, the Dr. started in with a giant needle. Apparently she rubbed up against a nerve or something, because Holly jumped a bit. Right about that time, I started seeing spots and getting lightheaded–while I was standing in front of Holly and supporting her to keep her still while the Dr. was sticking the largest needle I had ever seen into my wife’s back. It kinda felt like a dangerous circumstance, to say the least. In an effort to maintain my composure, I turned my head to the side… and saw Debbie kneeling down on the ground with her head bowed down! It was about that time that I remember Lindsey and the nurse suggest that I have a seat (and not a moment too soon).

Some help we are! 2 Grossmans down, Holly and Lindsey still standing.

The Fainting Duo, sitting down per Dr's orders

The Fainting Duo, sitting down per Dr

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