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Uncle Jake and Liz Visited

Monday, April 27th, 2009

Uncle Jake and Liz came to visit us in San Francisco from Wednesday to Sunday this past week and we had a blast! We bbq’d, watched the Red Sox, went to Baretta for dinner, ate Chinese food, and dared Uncle Jake to change my diaper (he couldn’t handle it). We took some pictures, too, which we’ve added to the Avi and Family slideshow.

Me with Uncle Jake and Liz

Me with Uncle Jake and Liz


Sunday, April 26th, 2009

Did anyone else see the Red Sox SWEEP the Yankees this weekend?!?

I DID! And I was cheering louder than anybody in all of my cool new presents!

– Avi



My New Uncle Eric!

Saturday, April 25th, 2009

Hi Everyone!

Dad said I could write this one with his help and he even let me pick out the picture at the bottom. Last week, mom and dad and I went to a place called San Diego. We had a lot of fun in San Diego, though it was really hot. We played at the carnival, on the beach, and even had a picnic. Also, I got to play with my cousins Jennah and Carson, who are both really cool. But the most exciting thing of all was that Aunt Robin made Eric an official Uncle for me! A new Uncle for ME! Isn’t that cool?

Mom and Dad took lots and lots of pictures. More than 100! And Dad put them on the website in the photo gallery. Go look at them!


Sox Socks

Thursday, April 16th, 2009

On Monday, our beloved Boston Red Sox came to town to take on the Oakland A’s. Avi couldn’t have been more excited, so he put on his Sox socks, donned his Sox hat, dressed mom and dad in their Sox gear, asked Aunt Debbie if he could borrow her foam finger, and invited mom, dad, and seven of his closest friends (one of whom turned out to be an A’s fan!?!) to the game. Avi cheered on the Sox like a pro but it was his first game, so he made some rookie errors. For starters, he forgot to bring his own peanuts (like Zayda told him) and also forgot that it got colder when the sun went down (though mom brought warm clothes). The costliest error was that he also didn’t know that they stop serving beer in the 7th inning (oh, the adorable innocence!), so he was left dry in the home stretch—a fate so unbearable that he just gave up and went to sleep.

Sadly, the Sox lost. Those of us hardened by years of fan-dom are used to such an outcome but mom and dad were worried about the impact it might have on the Innocent One. Fortunately, Avi fell asleep before the end of the game, so his youthful Sox innocence remained intact. We’ve posted a special slideshow in the photo gallery, complete with a video of the Little Fan sleeping through “Take Me Out To the Ballgame” (a song mom thought was actually named the “Seventh Inning Stretch Song”). Enjoy!

Go Sox!!

Go Sox!!

Avi the Ski Bum and “K4P” Trifle

Tuesday, April 14th, 2009

This past weekend, 9 adults, 2 Little Ones, and a cute pooch made the short 3-hour drive to Lake Tahoe for some spring skiing. The Laskey and Grossman Families (including Debbie and Scout), along with Jon, Julie, Sean, and Christine filled a cabin in Truckee on Friday night and hit Squaw Valley on Saturday before heading home on Sunday. Some highlights:

1) Everyone handled one meal and all teams rose to the occasion: shrimp tacos, breakfast burritos, chicken pot pie, and breakfast sandwiches kept us all healthy and happy. The biggest meal delight probably came from Debbie, though, who took a family Trifle recipe and modified it to make it “K4P,” as she called it (many times). For those of you who do not speak in text message lingo, “K4P” translates into “Kosher for Passover.” Anyway, although Debbie made about 18 lbs of trifle (it weighed more than Dahlia and Avi combined), it was all devoured within two days.

2) Avi and Dahlia had another “date,” though their parents are always around (annoying!), so it may be moving into the “friend zone.”

3) While watching the Little Ones for a couple of hours so the moms could ski, the dads got hit on by more women in the lodge than had ever spoken to them in their entire lives. We are sure that it was because of the fantastic tans that we had earned in the morning–not because we were two young dads watching our two infants.

4) Avi skied. No he didn’t, just kidding. He did seem to enjoy the lodge, though, so he’s GOING to be a great skier. Or, at the very least, a truly great apres-skier.

5) There was some great skiing and the weather was beautiful. There’s now a Lake Tahoe album in the Photo Gallery!

View from Squaw, the Lake over our shoulders

View from Squaw, the Lake over our shoulders

Avi Likes the Mobile

Monday, April 13th, 2009

A couple of weeks ago, our friend Danielle loaned us a fancy new mobile, and Avi loves it! I have to admit, it’s pretty cool–in addition to the music, the contraption spins at an angle on a motor and all kinds of neat shapes and animals slide around on it. After I was done staring at it, I remembered why I was in the room in the first place–to film Avi watching it. His eyes dart around and you can just see the “development” going on right in front of you! I posted a video in the photo gallery, so you can see both Avi and the cool mobile…

Filling out our History

Sunday, April 12th, 2009

A while ago, when nobody was looking, we posted a video and photos from the weekend that Joel and Holly got engaged. You can find them both in the photo gallery (scroll to the bottom), or using these direct links: proposal weekend photo set and the proposal video (that is, a retelling of how it went down, by Holly).

Aunt Amy, Uncle Rick, and Sam Visit

Saturday, April 11th, 2009

Aunt Amy and Uncle Rick are in town for passover and stopped by a couple of days ago for a fun visit! We added a couple of pictures to the Family and Friends photo album

Aunt Amy, Uncle Rick, and Sam visiting Avi

Aunt Amy, Uncle Rick, and Sam visiting Avi

Kirsten and Natalie

Saturday, April 11th, 2009

Kirsten, a former teacher co-worker at Ardmore, visited San Francisco and stopped by so we could meet Natalie and they could meet Avi. After a tasty sandwich at ‘wichcraft, everyone posed for some pictures.

Kirsten and Natalie

Kirsten and Natalie

Aunt Liz and Cousin Carson Visit!

Friday, April 10th, 2009

Aunt Liz (Holly’s sister-in-law) and Avi’s cousin Carson (who is eight days younger than Avi) came to visit this past week, and boy did we have fun! Avi and Carson met for the first time, and it looks like they’re going to be pals for a long time. We went shopping downtown, played together, and even went to see the Golden Gate bridge! Of course, we took pictures and videos, too, which we’ve posted for your viewing pleasure in the photo gallery.

Cousins Avi and Carson, born 8 days apart

Cousins Avi and Carson, born 8 days apart