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Getting Ready for a Night On the Town

Saturday, August 15th, 2009

So it turns out that My Uncle Jake is getting married to his awesome fiancee Liz soon, and the invitation said it was going to be a Black Tie affair—my first one! Of course, I had absolutely nothing to wear, so I took Mommy shopping and picked up some fine threads. Then I told Dad to take some pictures in black-and-white mode, to make it look “classic” and “refined.” I think you’ll agree that I’m all ready for this exciting event! Thanks Jake and Liz!


Looking good, huh?

Looking good, huh?

Watch out, Kobayashi!

Saturday, August 8th, 2009

For the past couple of weeks (since Avi turned six months old), we’ve been slowly trying different “real food” (I use that term loosely). First, there was rice cereal mixed with breast milk. We opted not to post that video–he almost instantly regurgitated it. Honestly, we tasted the rice cereal concoction and can’t really blame the Little Man…

After we gave up on rice cereal, we moved to Avocado, a California favorite. Much to our surprise, Avi was not much of a fan of the avocado, either. We decided to set it aside and try chips and guacamole again in a few weeks (when the football season starts).

This morning, Zayda suggested lobster. It is soft and squishy, but seemed unwise. Additionally, we all know that the best lobster is in the Northeast, so we decided to wait until our next trip to Boston. California has delicious fruits and vegetables…

Today, attempt #3: sweet potatoes. Mommy prepared a delicious mixture and the Little Man LOVED IT! Indeed, he wasn’t satisfied with the pace that he was being fed, so he grabbed the spoon and took charge himself. It reminded this proud father of champion eater Kobayashi (to get a true sense of the man’s greatness, here’s a video)…

Anyway, we had so much fun that we’ve posted BOTH a long video and a short photo album for your enjoyment: both in the photo gallery.

What should he have for dessert?

Avi Kobayashi?

Avi Kobayashi?

1/2 year birthday photoshoot

Saturday, August 1st, 2009

Well, Avi is a half-year old today and so, with the memory of last month’s e-lashing still fresh in our mind, we quickly dressed the little man up for his monthly birthday photoshoot. 8 new pictures are now posted to his birthday photoshoot album, the day after his 6-month birthday. Is that better, Nanny?

It’s been a wonderful half-year and the Little Man would like to thank everyone who has showered him in Love (and gifts!) from across the country. We’re sure the next six months will bring more blog-, photo-, and video-worthy events, so stay tuned. Same Bat-Time, Same Bat-Channel.

Im one-half year old today!

I'm one-half year old today!