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My New Auntie Liz

Wednesday, September 9th, 2009

Well, well, well, do I have some exciting news! Mom and Dad and I went to Boston last week and we saw Uncle Jake get married to Liz, who is now officially my AUNT Liz! The whole week was sooooo much fun and I met lots of really nice people from Liz’s family, who mom says are all now part of my family! That’s really cool, except that Dad said that that they don’t cheer for the Patriots. Other than that, I liked them a lot.
Liz looked really pretty and Jake and I looked really handsome. My mom and dad took more than 400 pictures from the week, and they picked the best 100 to add to a new album in the Photo Gallery. Check it out!

Dont I look great? See More Pictures of Me in the Photo Album!

Don't I look great? See More Pictures of Me in the Photo Album!

Ah, the memories–past and future!

Saturday, September 5th, 2009

I have been having SOOOOO much fun in Boston! Dad says that he’ll post lots of pictures when we get back home…
Tonight was the most exciting night yet—Uncle Jake and Liz’s Rehearsal Dinner! There were so many people there whom I know and I had a great time. There were some really nice speeches, including one from my Aunt Debbie which was really sweet. But the coolest thing was that my Uncle Jake and Liz created a slideshow of a lot of memories (most of which I don’t even remember!). It was a very nice warm up to the Big Day tomorrow. In case you missed any of the pictures, I’ve posted them in the photo gallery for you to enjoy!

I love you, Jake and Liz!

A picture from their pre-wedding slideshow...

A picture from their pre-wedding slideshow...