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Grammy and Zayda visit us in San Francisco for Thanksgiving

Sunday, November 29th, 2009

This past weekend was Avi’s first Thanksgiving ever and, to celebrate, Grammy and Zayda came to visit for five days. We all had a wonderful time: visiting Aunt Debbie in her classroom, visiting with Cousins Josh, Jamie, and Sam, eating at Saul’s Deli (Avi’s first Matzoh Ball Soup!), and even playing Rock Band (both Grammy and Avi sang for the first time!) Of course, the highlight of the weekend was Holly’s DELICIOUS Thanksgiving Meal, including a perfectly cooked turkey (with Grammy’s help, sort of!), sweet potatoes, stuffing, curry lentil soup, and even pumpkin cheesecake.

While we were sorry for the weekend to end, we captured many of the memories in a photo album, now posted in the Photo Gallery! Also, we’re excited to see everyone again soon!

Mmmm. I LOVE Thanksgiving!

Mmmm. I LOVE Thanksgiving!

A Little Bit of History

Saturday, November 7th, 2009

So I was poking around the InterWeb the other day and I found a brief history of the Grossman Family Lumber business, incorporated in 1919.

I thought that the entire thing was pretty cool and decided that Avi might want to read it some day, so I copied it onto the GFW site (with proper attribution, of course). As “bonus history”, I even added a little paragraph from my father at the end that explains the move into Real Estate, the current Family Business.

History, now on GFW:

Also, I found a company selling some sort of “accessory piece” that depicts the Grossmans Lumber Truck, complete with catch phrase:


Here Comes Grossmans

Here Comes Grossmans

The Not-So-Scary Monster

Sunday, November 1st, 2009

Avi’s first Halloween was a great time in Noe Valley, with many dozens of Trick-Or-Treaters cleaning us out of our four large bags of candy. We sat outside on the steps with our neighbors for most of the night, welcoming young and old and enjoying all of the costumes and entertainment. Our next door neighbor even performed a fire eating and fire juggling show!

Earlier in the day, Grammy and Zayda sent us a fun Halloween package with a dancing bear (which was a hit all night), candy, and other cool Halloween treats. Then, Aunt Debbie came over, dressed as an 80’s tennis star, and we headed down to 24th street, which was packed with families as all of the shops were handing out candy–City trick-or-treat style. There, we saw our pal Henry, looking like a true hero in his Superman costume, before heading back to our house. For Avi’s first Halloween, he insisted on getting dressed up as a not-so-scary moster: Wally, the Green Monster, the mascot of the Boston Red Sox. Mom and Dad played supporting roles as Fenway candy vendors…

Finally, after the night was over and the little ones were in bed, 22nd St rocked out to Rock Band, complete with wigs, until the wee hours of the morning. We hope everyone else had as much fun as we did! Happy Halloween!

Oh, of course, (especially since it was Avi’s 9 month birthday!), we added both pictures and some videos to the Photo Gallery!

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!