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Avi Turns One

Sunday, January 31st, 2010

For those of you keeping track (and there were an impressive number of you!), Avi turned 1 year old on Sunday. To celebrate, Grandpa, Gigi, and Auntie Robin came to visit—and we had so much fun! Then, on Saturday, we had nearly 35 of our pals over to celebrate. Mommy did a great job organizing everything, the food was delicious, and the weather held out. The day was a blast! Pictures and a video are now posted in the photo gallery!

Avi Turns One

Now I’m REALLY Cruising…

Thursday, January 14th, 2010

As you read in an earlier post, we enjoyed Boston weather, friends, and family, for about a week over the holidays. We had a great time and were lucky enough to spend a lot of time with Nanny, Avi’s Great-Grandmother. Avi decided that he liked her style and, as soon as he got back to San Francisco, set about teaching himself to move like Nanny. She does a great job of getting herself around for a lady with a number of years of wisdom under her belt…

We’ve captured his latest milestone in a video (actually, 2 clips) now posted in the Photo Gallery!

Honk Honk!!  Outta my way!

Honk Honk!! Outta my way!

Happy New Year!

Saturday, January 9th, 2010

We are finally back in San Francisco after a whirlwind of holiday travel. We started off in San Diego for Hanukah and had a blast with Gigi, Grandpa, Aunt Robin, and Uncle Eric. A short plane ride to San Diego (land of wonderful weather) didn’t pose enough of a packing challenge for us, so we decided to spend two weeks away from mild San Francisco in some more extreme climates. We flew to Boston on December 17 and were promptly treated to twelve inches of fresh snow and temperatures that ensured that it stuck around. We saw lots of friends and family before getting on a plane to fly to Playa del Carmen, Mexico, the day after Christmas. We worked hard on our tans, played in the sand, and swam in the ocean and pool. What a fantastic trip!

It was great to see Grammy, Zayda, Aunt Debbie, Uncle Dave, and Dara. We missed Uncle Jake and Aunt Liz, who were in Viet Nam on their Honeymoon. That sounded like it was a ton of fun, too–maybe they’ll take us with them next time!

Lucky for you, we’ve captured both trips in a Photo Album that is now posted in the Photo Gallery. Happy New Year to everyone!

The Cold part of our Fire and Ice trip

The Cold part of our Fire and Ice trip