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Found Some More Tahoe Photos

Monday, May 24th, 2010

For everyone who was disappointed that our Tahoe album had only 7 photos (and we know that there were a lot of you!)–great news! While getting our other camera ready for Boston, we found another set of photos from Tahoe! We added 19 MORE photos (for a total of 26) to the same Lake Tahoe 2010 photo album. Enjoy!

I want more pictures

I want more pictures of Tahoe!

And then we realized that he understands everything…

Saturday, May 22nd, 2010

We consider Avi a “talker” as, much like his grandmother, he always seems to have a word to offer. That said, at this stage his words are better characterized as “sounds” or “noises”, though he is getting quite good at repeating words like “Nanny.” I assumed that he wasn’t really sure what he was saying—instead just realizing that Mom and Dad seemed excited when he made the same noise that we made, so he repeated it.

Then, the other day, Mommy asked him to put some of his toys back in the bin and, much to Daddy’s amazement, he did exactly that. Shooting a surprised look at Daddy, Mom said “that’s nothing. Watch this!” and suggested I grab the camera…

About halfway through the video, I started to have the feeling that my home wasn’t the complete “safe conversation space” that it used to be…

I present to you, with much pride, Avi Aaron, the Flashcard Ninja.

Avi Knows Flashcards

The safari hat helps contain my giant brain!

Eating with a Spoon

Thursday, May 20th, 2010

With a Dad like Joel, it’s pretty amazing that Avi learned to eat WITH utensils. But indeed, he has! Check out two videos that show the progression of Avi eating with a spoon (luckily, he has not learned about catapults, yet!) You can see the videos here.

Avi Eating with a Spoon

Avi Eating with a Spoon

Tahoe with some pals, April 2010

Thursday, May 20th, 2010

Last month (sorry for the late post!) we headed up to Tahoe with our neighbors. We got in a beautiful day of April skiing, explored Northstar village, and, of course, played some Rock Band! A short photo album now posted in the Photo Gallery!

Avi and Mommy relax in the Tahoe snow