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Thanksgiving 2010 in Boston

Monday, November 29th, 2010

After Uncle Dave and Aunt Data got married in New York, we headed to Boston for Thanksgiving week, and what a great week it was! We saw the Patriots win twice in five days, visited with Nanny, hung out with cousin Henry, celebrated Uncle Dave and Aunt Dara’s wedding again at Aunt Dara’s school, and stuffed our faces with lots of delicious food made by Aunt Liz’s family. Could you imagine a better week?

We created a new slideshow for Thanksgiving week in Boston, posted in the photo gallery. Enjoy!

Nanny Enjoys Thanksgiving

Nanny can't wait for the meal and instead noshes on some turkey in the kitchen...

I have a New Aunt!

Sunday, November 28th, 2010

Last week, Auntie Debbie, Dad, Mom, and I flew all the way across the country on an airplane to New York City to help Uncle Dave marry Dara. Now, we really love Dara and Uncle Dave didn’t need any help at all—but we were there to help him celebrate!

We stayed at a great hotel down in Battery Park with Mimi and Zayda and enjoyed fun events all weekend: the rehearsal dinner Friday night, the ceremony on Saturday, and Brunch on Sunday morning. It was really great to see everyone and Uncle Dave looked handsome and Aunt Dara was very beautiful. The highlight of the weekend, though, was probably the speech that my Dad gave with Uncle Jake (…Dad made me write that…)

My dad, mom, and Aunt Debbie took a lot of pictures from the wedding weekend–the best 170 of them are in a new photo album now in the gallery!

Welcome of the family, AUNT Dara!

Uncle Dave About to Get Married

Lookin' good, Uncle Dave--almost as good as I look!

Air Avi

Monday, November 15th, 2010

This past week we got a fantastic gift from Uncle Dave and Aunt Dara–an Avi-sized basketball hoop! Avi is already a star on the court (aka our den), dribbling through his legs, dunking, and making shots from downtown (which is important since, given his genealogy, he’s more likely to be shooting guard than a center). Thanks, Uncle Dave and soon-to-be Aunt Dara!

Air Avi Dunking

Dunking is NO PROBLEM for Air Avi!

Boo! Happy Halloween!

Saturday, November 13th, 2010

It was another beautiful Halloween in Noe Valley and while the San Francisco Giants were busy winning the World Series, GFW spent the week celebrating the holiday: the Noe Valley Halloween festival (Avi got to sit in a fire truck!), costume day at Avi’s pre-school, reunion tour of our world-famous Neighbor Rock Band band, and, of course, Halloween night which, as always, includes our fire-juggling neighbor, pizza with our neighbors, and a ton of trick-or-treaters (we went through FIVE large bags of candy this year–giving each trick-or-treater only one piece!)

Mommy showed off her artistic talent again, creating costumes for the entire family: per his request, Avi was an “Itsy Bitsy”–inspired, no doubt, by one of his favorite (online) books (beautifully sung by Mimi). To complement his hand-made costume, Mommy and Daddy were flies, all caught up in Avi’s web.

We posted a new Halloween 2010 album in the Photo Gallery. Enjoy!

GFW celebrates Halloween

GFW Celebrates Halloween in SF, 2010

Avi has a new cousin!

Wednesday, November 3rd, 2010

Just a quickie from the west coast: we wanted to welcome Avi’s cousin, Henry, who arrived today and congratulate Uncle Jake and Aunt Liz! We can’t wait to see you soon and meet Henry in person!! Love you all!

Another Jaunt to Vegas

Wednesday, November 3rd, 2010

Last month, we took another trip to Las Vegas, this time for a Persinger Family Reunion! Though the crowd was a little smaller than we would have liked, we had a blast with the relatives who WERE there. We spent lots of time with Gigi and Grandpa, met a brand-new cousin, and tried things in Vegas that, believe it or not, we’d never done!

Beyond seeing everyone, which is always fun, the highlight of the trip was probably the Tournament of Kings that Gigi and Grandpa treated us to. Avi loved the horses, jousting, pyrotechnics and had a blast watching everyone eat with their hands, just like he always does. Thanks again, Gigi and Grandpa!

We have posted eight photos in the Photo Gallery.

Avi, Grandpa, and the King of Ireland

Avi and Grandpa pose with our king, the King of Ireland