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Ezra identifying body parts

Tuesday, May 29th, 2012

Ezra has begun to verbalize a bit more lately, and is also making clever use of the few ASL signs that he knows, along with strategic pointing and grunting. Nevertheless, he clearly comprehends more than he can speak (sort of like his dad in France)—both of us can stick out our tongue when asked to do so. See the new video in the Photo Gallery for proof!

Ezra Eating His Toes

So these are "toes", huh? Tasty!

Some new Ezra skills: eating with a spoon

Monday, May 28th, 2012

We have been a bit remiss in documenting Ezra’s impressive growth these past few months, so we have some rapid-fire videos coming over the next few posts. We will start with a basic one: eating with a spoon. Those of you who know Ezra’s daddy will say that Ezra has matched him in spoon-feeding skills. Video now in the photo gallery.

Ezra Eating with a spoon

Next up: the spork

Ezra Walking, a Montage

Sunday, May 13th, 2012

Since he arrived, Ezra has been a fearless explorer, risking life and limb to conquer the next frontier. This gusto has forced him to develop physical skills quite quickly… so quickly, in fact, that we often don’t have a chance to post about them. We did capture Ezra crawling, a while back, but before we knew it, he flew right past just “walking” to strolling like a hipster down in the Marina (must have learned it from his mom or aunt, because nobody ever accused his father of being hip). Wondering how it all happened so quickly, we went back through the video archives and pieced together a short montage of Ezra from crawling, to walking, to walking while brushing his teeth, to strolling like a hipster. The new video is now in the Photo Gallery.

Ezra Walking with Shades

Babies Walk... I Stroll