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Birthday Bash 2013: Superheros take over our house

Tuesday, February 12th, 2013

As we were closing out 2012 and starting to plan for the new year, Holly asked Avi what kind of a Birthday Party he wanted in order to celebrate his turning the big 0-4 and his brother turning two. Without hesitation, Avi announced “a Superhero party.” Well, Holly was thrilled because it meant that, for at least one day in 2013, she would not need to keep her secret identity so hidden: Supermom! Two months of planning and arts-and-crafts projects followed, culminating in the best Four Year Old and Two Year Old birthday party that Avi or Ezra had ever had in their honor! With 70+ responses to the Evite, no Bad Guys, and a brand-new Sno Cone maker (Dad’s Hanukkah gift from Aunt Liz, Uncle Jake, and Cousin Henry), this party was rockin!

A few days ago, we posted a video tour of the Superhero Extravaganza (check that out first if you haven’t seen it yet). Today, we added a slide show of photos (and a couple of shorter videos) to the Photo Gallery. Enjoy!

Superman and Batman are here to Save the Day!

The Greatest Superhero of All

Saturday, February 9th, 2013

On Saturday, we celebrated Avi’s and Ezra’s birthdays (4 and 2, respectively) with a Superhero-themed Birthday Party. It was a spectacular event that entertained nearly 70 people with creative activities, foods, and decorations around every turn. Holly transformed our house into a Superhero utopia, so we can’t help but recognize the greatest superhero of them all: Super Mom!

We’ll share more pictures and videos later in the week but for now, check out this video tour of the event. And to all of you, friends and family, who are far away (especially those of you buried under two feet of snow!): if you lived here, you could have enjoyed Sno Cones as you learned to Fly, too!

The video tour is now posted in the Photo Gallery.


Only Superheros (and Superheros-in-Training) allowed!

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