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Being a Model is HARD

February 8th, 2015 by joel

For those of you who have never tried it, being a model is HARD and sometimes you just are not in the mood. Such was Ayla’s state of mind on the morning of her nine month photoshoot. On the bright side, Mimi was here and she makes a cameo in this photoshoot, and we also supplemented the album with a shot from Superbowl Sunday. As you surely know by now, our Pats pulled out an incredible victory in Superbowl XLIX in honor of Ayla’s Nine Month Photoshoot (and Avi and Ezra’s birthdays).

In any case, because MODELING IS HARD, we have nine pictures to present for Ayla’s Nine Month Photoshoot, now in the Photo Gallery.

Ayla's Nine Month Photoshoot

All I want for my nine month birthday (approximately) is a Superbowl victory!

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