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Ayla Turns One Year Old!

Tuesday, May 5th, 2015

You blink an eye and –BAM!– just like that, a year passes by. That’s how we felt when we woke up one morning and our little baby Ayla was one year old. So, we celebrated for a week: with a little family party, a photoshoot, and a larger party that wasn’t much larger. Undoubtedly, the BEST part of the week was that Mimi and Zayda SURPRISED US with a visit! They casually strolled up and knocked on our door on Friday (just like they did during Joel’s first weekend at Brown—but this time it was cool!). It was wonderful to have them here all weekend to celebrate with us and they helped us power through a cold that Ayla was having a tough time shaking (which kept away some of the other would-be partiers).

Because this was our last one-year-old party week, we have for you a bunch of pictures and FOUR short videos, all in a brand new photo album that is now posted to the Photo Gallery.

“Take the picture already so I can go back to eating my cupcake!” (guess who is thinking this)