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Ezra’s First Baseball Game

Sunday, March 20th, 2016

Pro scouts are already knocking down our door after Ezra’s 3-for-3 performance on Saturday at his first-ever organized baseball game. The coaches pitched and Ezra, who was drafted by the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim during the off-season, smacked the ball thrice, despite being the youngest player on his five- and six-year old Lafayette baseball team (Ezra just turned five last month). His development has surely been facilitated by great guidance from his older brother, Avi (who plays for the White Sox this year). Avi, having played two hours earlier on Saturday, made it to Ezra’s game to help where he could, both intellectually (with advice like “use the Spiderman bat”) and physically (literally giving Ezra a push as he rounded third base).

Ezra had a great time, usually put his mitt on the correct hand when taking the field, and has retained his habit from last (soccer) season of posing for the camera, even in the middle of a game, so this photographer is going to have to be a little more sneaky this season. Fifteen pictures from the game are now posted to the photo gallery.

A little push from a pal helps Ezra beat the throw home.