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Ayla Rolls Her Way Through Her Second Birthday Party

Tuesday, June 14th, 2016

Ayla turned two and pleaded—nay, begged!—to have a gymnastics-themed birthday party, and mom obliged… at least that’s the story that Holly (former gymnast) told me. Nevertheless, mom and Ayla both seemed to have a blast, along with a set of Ayla’s closest pals and their parents. Somersaults, bubbles, jumping, parachutes, and dancing with a slightly creepy stuffed clown—it was everything you could possibly want for your second birthday.

Pictures of the festivities are now posted in the Photo Gallery for your enjoyment!

Unclear who is having more fun

Let My People Go… to the backyard for a fun feast!

Sunday, June 12th, 2016

We hosted Passover Seder this year at our new house and Holly came through in a big way, as she always does. The beautiful California weather cooperated and so we hosted nearly thirty people for Holly’s hands-on retelling of the Exodus from Egypt—including a burning bush (no actual bushes were harmed in the re-enactment), rivers of blood, and a cabbage-patch Noah. Our friend Dahlia found her first afikomen, and the Seder meal concluded with matzah s’mores (hey, it’s the thought that counts). Next year in Jerusalem!

Pictures of our 2016 Seder have been posted to the photo gallery.

Hands on Seder 2016 at GFW!

Skiing in Tahoe!

Saturday, June 11th, 2016

What better time to post our Tahoe winter pictures than a 90 degree June day? (yes, there will be two more way-overdue posts over the next few days)

We only made it out to Tahoe once this winter (we’ll do better next season—Ezra just asked yesterday when we were going back) and we didn’t even ski that much. BUT, we had a blast sledding, playing in the snow, and even having a Shabbat dinner with some good pals. Our winter Tahoe pictures are now posted in the photo gallery!

Let’s go back to Tahoe!