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We sincerely appreciate the cost and effort you devoted to spending this special day with us--and that is a tremendous gift for which we cannot thank you enough. Material gifts are absolutely NOT NECESSARY. Yet some have insisted on helping us build our new home together--your generosity is overwhelming. For those interested in helping us build our new life together in some other way, we have an alternative--the opportunity to contribute to a charitable fund we've established that helps remind us of our dreams not only to build a wonderful life together, but also our responsibility to leave this world a better place than we found it... See below.

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Don't you love the Internet? We found a mixer, a blender, a popcorn popper and some other great stuff on Amazon.com...

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Joel's mom calls this place "Bloomie's". We found some nice china and flatware here for our new home.

Crate and Barrel
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Neither Crates nor Barrels... But more fun stuff!

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The "necessities..."

Paris Jewelers & Gifts
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We found some nice china here. Picking these off of our registry guarantees you an invite to our next dinner party!

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We are going to be the best chefs ever! Also, if you're the in-store shopping type, it looks like we managed to pick out some stuff that you can't get online...

Charity Registry
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In cooperation with CJP, a 501(c)3, we have established the Joel and Holly Grossman Charitable Fund. We will contribute to this fund regularly and use it to give back to a world that has offered us so many wonderful opportunities.

We would be honored if you opted to help us build our life of "giving back," so that this charitable fund, and the positive impact it will have, will grow as we grow. As this fund is a 501(c)3, your gift to it is fully tax deductible.