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Avi Devours an Entire Sandwich at the Carnegie Deli

May 22nd, 2009 by joel

Have you ever eaten ONE FOOD exclusively for three and a half months? Well, Avi has. Uncle Jake pointed out to him that he’s really cheating himself out of some of the more delicious aspects life (and Grossmans don’t go light on food!). Until now, Avi had been very satisfied with just milk all day every day but Uncle Jake got him thinking and Avi decided that he wanted to branch out. So, when we took a little excursion to NYC (because Dad had some work there), Avi started making noise about wanting to try some deli… And not just ANY deli–Avi wanted a Reuben (with cole slaw, of course) from the Carnegie Deli. And so that’s what he ordered and he devoured the entire thing! Man, we really should have taken a video of it. Instead, we only have this picture, taken right before he started eating it…

Avi also visited with some new friends and NYC and he REALLY LOVED Times Square. Some pictures and a short video are now posted to the Photo Gallery.

Gimmie somma dat!

Gimmie somma dat!

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