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10 Month Old Photo Shoot

December 3rd, 2009 by joel

At 10 months old, the Big Man is much more curious and a bit more mobile, which can make a photo shoot a bit tricky. We started his birthday in music class (learning to smack the drums like Aunt Debbie does on Rock Band), but quickly moved into other more interesting venues. At 10 months, Avi crawls a bit and stands with assistance. This latter talent allowed him to pose under a tree–just like Mom’s high school pictures (she won’t let us show them here). He can “cruise” around his Leap Frog table, and plays games with mom and dad.
Don’t worry, though, his innocence and curiosity are not yet completely lost: the Big Man still sticks a leaf in his mouth if the opportunity should strike.

We’ve added 19 photos from Avi’s Ten Month Photo Shoot into his Monthly Birthday Photoshoots Slideshow for your enjoyment.

Do I look like Moms high school yearbook photo?

Do I look like Mom's high school yearbook photo?

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