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Birthday Party 2015 with Jungle Jim

February 1st, 2015 by joel

We celebrated the boys’ birthdays this weekend with another Holly Grossman extravaganza. The boys (Avi turning six and Ezra turning four) requested a “Wild Kratts” theme (Wild Kratts is an animated show on PBS featuring brothers who use “animal powers” to ward off bad guys). Holly enlisted the help of Jungle Jim and transformed our house into a wild jungle, and turning the kids into veritable Crocodile Dundees. As the icing on the cake (pun intended!), Mimi is visiting us from Boston (or maybe she’s just here to escape the snow?)!

Share in the excitement—we just put an album with 37 photos and 4 videos in the photo gallery. It’s worth the effort—there’s an “instant classic” Mimi video in there… Enjoy!

Ezra the Snake Wrestler!

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