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Boston is a beautiful and historic city with plenty to see and to do. It's easily walkable and the MBTA also provides a great way to get around (check out the subway map).


Early November in Boston typically brings temperatures in mid-to-upper 50's with a fair chance of rain (details), though any New Englander will tell you that "if you don't like the weather here, wait a minute and it will change."

Current weather

Things To Do

The Ceremony and Celebration will be held in Boston's Theater District, which is also near Downtown Crossing, the Boston Common, and the Public Gardens (see a map here).

For history buffs, we recommend the 3-mile self-guided Freedom Trail walking tour, which starts at the Boston Common and winds its way through many of Boston's famous sites, including Fanueil Hall and the North End (a great place to grab a delicious Italian meal or a fantastic cannoli from Mike's Pastry). You can find a virtual tour here and also book professional walking tours of the Freedom Trail here.

If you are less inclined to walk outside in the brisk New England Fall, check out the Duck Tours or any of Boston's many museums (the Museum of Science, New England Aquarium, Children's Museum, and the Boston Museum of Fine Arts are some of our favorites).

Our Wedding and Celebration will be in the Theater District, home to many off-broadway shows, musicals, plays, and even the Blue Man Group (Boston was the second place BMG opened, after New York). Check here for a list of shows currently playing.

For an "official" list of Arts, Culture, and Attractions around Boston, check out this site: http://www.house.gov/capuano/links/ma_attractions.shtml

If you plan to make a longer trip to the East Coast, you might check out New York City, which is accessible via plane, train, or bus (either Greyhound or Fung Wah). The trip is roughly 3.5 hours by train or bus.

Will I get to see Fall Leaves?

The weekend of Nov 3 is a bit late in the season to see Fall leaves, though it really depends on the summer and fall weather. The "typical" foliage season through Massachusetts looks something like this (taken from this site):

You may want to consider arriving early if you're eager to see Fall Foliage in New England...