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Mastering The Roll

Thursday, July 30th, 2009

Avi is a big guy, weighing in at more than 20 lbs. That means that he’s naturally gifted for certain physical challenges. We’ve been practicing football plays for months, for example, and he throws a phenominal fullback-style lead block on the goalline run. No problem there. But agile moves are a bit trickier and so we’ve been practicing The Roll for about a month now. We’re thrilled to announce that Avi now rolls with the lithe agility of a ninja and we’ve captured his month of training in 3 short video clips, now posted to the photo gallery. There, you’ll see the early days, lessons with Grammy in Boston, followed by intense practice at home, and concluding with an effortless “I’m done with Tummy Time” spin in his Pack and Play. Avi has truly mastered The Roll.

Next up, the Triple Lindy.

I'm DONE with this Tummy Time stuff

I'm DONE with this Tummy Time stuff

Wild West Day at Music Class

Tuesday, July 28th, 2009

Yesterday was Wild West Day at Music Class, so Avi cowboy’d up!

Saddle Up!

Saddle Up!

Fearless in Seattle

Thursday, July 23rd, 2009

Avi made his maiden voyage to mom’s hometown of Seattle last week and experienced a few more Firsts. Here’s what he has to say:

My new friends Massimo and Vivi decided I might like to sit in a highchair and play with some toys. Mommy was worried I was too little, but I sat right up in the highchair and learned that if I push, shove, or toss toys they will land on the floor with a satisfying clunk! The real prize is that people pick the toys up for me and allow me to repeat this fun game over and over again!

A few weeks earlier than planned I had my first Cheerio! Mommy will never know how many (if any) I really ingested because she wasn’t paying attention when my good friend Vivi was playing “mommy/baby” with me and offered me a tasty morsel. I, of course, opened wide and grabbed at it with my tongue. Just when I was ready to really get a good idea of solid food I felt an adult finger swipe in and rob me of the experience. Darn! Guess I will have to wait for my sixth month birthday.

We got to go to gymnastics with William and Carson which, unfortunately, I slept through a good portion of. But while I was awake I did a log roll down the cheese wedge! Mommy put me on my tummy sideways and next thing I knew I was on my back! I guess Mommy liked it because I got a lot of kisses and praise afterwards.

My cousin Carson was in serious training to do a “hand-stand” on Uncle Mark’s hands, and accomplished this seemingly impossible task about a month ago. Well, as soon as Uncle Mark got his hands on me he tried to help me stand on his hand, too. Mommy almost lost it (she’s such a worry-wort!), but Uncle Mark and I were a great team!

I FINALLY got to go to the zoo! I think it will be more fun when I’m big like Soren and William because they got to run around and go right up to the glass where the animals were. Someday, someday, I too will taunt jaguars.

I met some great friends: Soren, Elsa, William, Vivi, Massimo, and Tre are all children of my mommy’s good friends. She said we’ll get to see them many, many more times throughout the years. Hooray!

As a finale I got my first spider bites. That little bugger crawled right up on my forehead while I was sleeping and left two blister-like bumps on my head. The pediatrician said certain bug bites sometimes fill with water for some reason. Mommy felt sad about it but they didn’t bother me one bit. No pesky little spider is going to make me fret!

Thanks for the fun trip, Mommy. Can’t wait to go back in September with Gigi! Maybe we’ll try skydiving then… Oh, and thanks for posting pictures of our trip in the Photo Gallery for everyone else to see!

Cool New Bib

Wednesday, July 22nd, 2009

The other day an exciting package arrived from the East Coast. Inside was a cool new bib that read “Four Seas Cape Cod,” and it had a picture of a big ice-cream cone on it. Now, I’ve never tasted ice-cream, but just the sight of it made my mouth water. Uncle Dave said Daddy and his brothers and sister went to Four Seas when they were younger with their dad and his dad, too! Wow, I can’t wait to keep the tradition alive next time I’m in Cape Cod. By then I’ll be eating solid foods, but for now the bib is ideal for catching my drool as I teethe on my toys. Thanks to all my Aunties and Uncles for the great gift!

All ready for Ice Cream!

All ready for Ice Cream!

An e-lashing from across the country

Thursday, July 9th, 2009

Yesterday, I received an email that looked like this:
To: Joel
From: Nanny

Subject: Pictures

YOu are getting very lax. Where are the 5 month photo shoots?


Wow. She really gave it to me. Well, at least we now know where Grammy gets it… 😉

Nevertheless, the grandmotherly e-scolding from 3,000 miles away was effective. I left work immediately, raced home, dressed Avi and Mom for a photoshoot, and spent the rest of the day taking pictures. Without further ado, I present Avi’s Five Month Photoshoot rolled, as always, into the large slideshow with all of his monthly photoshoots… Am I back on your good side now, Nanny?

5 Month Photoshoot, per Nannys orders

5 Month Photoshoot, per Nanny's orders