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Eight Month Old Ayla

Wednesday, January 21st, 2015

Yes, we’re cutting it close—Ayla turns nine months old in just a few days—but before that happens, we’re proud to present her EIGHT month photoshoot. Fear not: these pictures were taken way back when she was just turning eight months old and we just took way too long to post them as we were busy locking down this website to protect it from possible North Korean hackers.

Back to the topic at hand: Ayla is making great strides (figuratively, not literally—she’s not yet crawling, which is a big win for mom and dad, who already have two little monkeys to chase around the house). Ayla waves, cries for daddy (because he’s awesome!), and occasionally will perform her elephant noise (though she seems to resent being asked to do it on cue). None of those are pictured in this eight month photoshoot photo album now posted in the photo gallery, so you’ll have to come visit us to see!

8 months old!