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Does it count as “reading” if I memorize the book?

Sunday, July 24th, 2011

A few weeks ago when we were all in Boston, Avi impressed Mimi by “reading” a book. However, on closer inspection, it soon became clear that Avi had actually memorized his current-favorite book, “Juno’s Musical ABCs.” Avi is making some progress with words, though, thanks to some super teaching by mommy–he can now identify the first letter of nearly any word you throw his way.

Both skills are on display on today’s video, “Avi Reads at 2.5 years”, now posted in the Photo Gallery.

Looking Backwards to Imagine the Future

Thursday, July 21st, 2011

Every once in a while, as we are capturing adorable photos of youthful exploration and self-discovery, I find my mind wandering into the future picturing our family in 15 or 20 years. It seems, tonight, that the fates have helped me as some relevant comparisons have just fallen into my lap. Cousin Josh (who currently appears to be on a decadent tour of Boston food and sporting events) sent me these three “classics”, which I thought that all GFW readers (except maybe 3 of you) would enjoy. Comments welcome!

Brotherly Love

Tuesday, July 19th, 2011

People often ask us, typically under their breath (so as not to let them know that we are talking about them), “how is #1 handling the arrival of #2?” Whenever I hear this, I think to myself “well, as long as we keep referring to him as ‘#1’, I’m sure he’ll be just fine!”

Seriously, though, Avi has been wonderful with Ezra since Ezra’s arrival—always pointing out to Mommy and Daddy when Ezra is sad or just taking the bull by the horns and re-inserting Ezra’s dropped pacifier. Nothing warms a parent’s heart more than seeing their children all getting along so well. Of course, we hope it lasts forever. Just in case it doesn’t, though, we’ve captured it on video as proof—now in the Photo Gallery!

Avi and Daddy holding up Ezra

Now, if I can get Dad to let go...

Yo no hablo español, pero …

Sunday, July 17th, 2011

I have learned a few phrases for emergency situations (“Please” and “Thank You”, of course, as well as “Where is the bathroom?” and the always-useful-when-you-are-staying-in-a-hostel “My friend is in the shower and I don’t speak Spanish”). But life today practically demands that children are multi-lingual (thanks, Dora!) and so Auntie Robin, wanting to give Avi a leg up, taught Avi to count to ten in Spanish during her visit a couple of weeks ago. Video now posted to both the Photo Gallery and Avi’s college application.


Dora, the bi-lingual queen of children's television

Tummy Time

Saturday, July 16th, 2011

Some of you may remember that Avi hated his tummy time. We were lucky if we could get him to stay on his tummy for 30 seconds. Ezra, quite literally, is just the opposite: he loves his tummy time—so much so that he now consistently rolls onto his tummy when we put him on his back. This, devoted friends, is Ezra’s latest skill, now on display in a brand new video posted in the Photo Gallery.

Guess who is 5 months old?!

Saturday, July 16th, 2011

If you guessed Ezra, you’d be right! (if you didn’t guess Ezra, I’m not sure why you are reading this blog)

EI cruised right into his sixth month of life with five solid months behind him and some new skills to show for it. We won’t give them away here (hey, we can’t blow all of our content on one post), but we’ll give you some hints in his 5 month photo shoot, now posted in the Photo Gallery.

OK, OK, twist our arm… He can swing! There’s even a movie included in the photo album. Special Treat. Enjoy!

Ezra turns 5 (months)

Ezra turns 5 (months)

Auntie Robin Came to Visit and It was Sooooo Much Fun!

Wednesday, July 13th, 2011

After our long trip to Boston, it was nice to get back home to San Francisco, but we were extra excited because we had another surprise arrive as soon as we got there—Auntie Robin!! She drove up from San Diego and spent the entire week with us: strolls through Noe Valley, picnic in Dolores Park, walks along the water, a ferry boat ride, and even a trip to the County Fair in Marin! Auntie Robin was a lot of fun indoors, too—we assembled puzzles, she changed our diapers, and she’s a fantastic chef. We all had a blast, and we hope she comes and visits us again soon. Pictures now posted in the Photo Gallery!

Auntie Robin Visits SF in June 2011

Auntie Robin Visited Us for a Week!!

Some photos of Avi, now almost Two and a Half!

Tuesday, July 12th, 2011

As Avi has become more mobile and opinionated, it has become nearly impossible to do a formal “photoshoot” with him. That said, we still think that he’s plenty cute (biased?) and so we snap away photos nonetheless, embracing the new challenge. We present, therefore, a semi-random collection of photos of our 26 month old two and a half year old boy, taken over the past month, for your viewing pleasure, now in the Photo Gallery.

Updated: Avi is about Two and a Half, not 26 months! Sorry for the bad math!

Avi, Two and a Half

Catch me if you can!

We spent June in Boston!

Sunday, July 10th, 2011

We planned for ourselves a very special treat this summer: we realized that we had to be in Boston for events at both the beginning and end of June, so Mommy, Avi, and Ezra seized the opportunity and decided to spend the entire month with Mimi and Zayda in Boston!

We had a blast in Boston—in addition to all of the great family time that we always love, highlights of this trip included swim lessons with Aunt Liz, the Cape with Uncle K and Aunt Linda, swimming with Cousin Henry, a visit from New York Author Meghan S, and a surprise 40th Anniversary Party for Mimi and Zayda.

We have assembled a fantastic Photo Album (101 pictures and 2 short videos!) now posted in the Photo Gallery! Thanks to everyone for being such great hosts—we hope to do the same thing next summer!

Nanny meets Ezra, her Great Grandson

Nanny meets Ezra, her Great Grandson

Ezra’s Four Month Photoshoot

Monday, July 4th, 2011

Happy Independence Day! As a gift on our Nation’s Birthday (and less than a week before Ezra turns 5 months old), we present our devoted followers Ezra’s Four Month photoshoot. While we feel badly about the delay, in our defense, we did a lot of traveling in June: Mom, Avi, and, Ezra all spent the month in Boston. Ezra is growing up quickly. He’s now rolling over with the greatest of ease and so Mom is ready to start teaching him acrobatics…

Anyway, enjoy pictures from Ezra’s Four Month Photoshoot in the Photo Gallery!

Ezra's Four Month Photoshoot

I'm Four (months)!