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Ayla’s Four Month Photoshoot

Sunday, September 14th, 2014

17 pictures, zero wardrobe changes.

At four months old, “drool” is a look.

Ayla has a name and it’s… Ayla!

Saturday, September 13th, 2014

Tired of referring to her as “the new kid with the cheeks” or addressing her as “hey, you with the pacifier”, we decided to invite family and friends over to our house to give Ayla her name. What name did we pick for her?? Ayla! Huge surprise, we know.

On a more serious note, we were honored to feel the love of so many who gathered at our home (from near and far!) for the ceremony in which we named Ayla Rose “אֵילַה וֶרֶד” (the second word, pronounced “Vered”, is the word “rose” in Hebrew). You can see why we picked “Ayla Rose” on the About page. Pictures of Ayla’s Naming Ceremony are now posted to the photo gallery.

We shall henceforth call her “Ayla!”